Kaluvien's Tinkerer

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Kaluvien's Tinkerer Female Sho Golden Gear Crafter  
1,500,000 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP):
XP for next level:
Character Level 275
Strength (100) 290
Endurance (60) 250
Coordination (100) 290
Quickness (10) 200
Focus (100) 290
Self (10) 200
Health 321 / 321
Stamina 446 / 446
Mana 230 / 230
Skill Credits Available: 2
Unassigned Experience: 1,056,340,069,194
Kaluvien's Tinkerer Female Sho Golden Gear Crafter  
1,500,000 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP):
XP for next level:
Character Level 275
Specialized Skills ?
Armor Tinkering 506
Fletching 429
Item Tinkering 526
Magic Item Tinkering 526
Missile Weapons 381
Salvaging 236
Weapon Tinkering 526
Trained Skills ?
Arcane Lore 305
Assess Creature 208
Creature Enchantment 331
Healing 401
Item Enchantment 331
Jump 498
Life Magic 331
Lockpick 401
Loyalty 208
Magic Defense 278
Mana Conversion 290
Melee Defense 371
Missile Defense 306
Run 408
Abhorrent Warrior
Acolyte of the Sea
Adept Adventurer
Adept Explorer
Ally of the Gold Primus
Amateur Explorer
Asheron's Militia
Banderling Bully
Beginning's End
Blood Shreth Butcher
Bloodstone Hunter
Broodu Killer
Browerk Killer
Burning Soul
Champion of Sickles
Champion of Silyun
Champion of the Hive
Champion of the Sea
Champion of the Wild
Chosen of the Rift
Colier Miner
Colosseum Champion
Crystalline Adventurer
Death Knight
Defender of Kryst
Defender of the Sea
Derethian Newbie
Desert Warrior
Dire Drudge Decapitator
Dire Huntsman
Dire Mattekar Dispatcher
Dojiro Sangi's Savior
Engorged Scourge
Epic Warrior
Eviscerator Decimator
Experienced Explorer
Follower of the Vine
Friend of Silyun
Frozen Fighter
Fuzzy Bunny Slayer
Gaerlan Slayer
Gear Knight Emissary
Gear Knight Recruiter
Gift Gopher
Glenden Wood Knight
Glenden Wood Militia
Gold Farmer
Golden Gear Crafter
Grave Robber
Grave Stalker
Guardian of Cragstone
Harbinger's Bane
Hero of House Mhoire
Hero of Silyun
Hilltop Defender
Holiday Hero
Holly Jolly Helper
Honorary Shadow Hunter
Honorary Snowman
Hostile Combatant
Immortal Champion
Insatiable Slayer
Intrepid Explorer
Invader's Bane
K'nath An'dras Assassinator
Keerik Killer
Kiree Killer
Lord of the Arena
Master Explorer
Master of the Hunt
Master of the Sea
Minister of the Sea
Morale Smasher
Mountain Climber
Mukkir Masher
Notable Citizen
Novice Wanderer
Novice of the Sea
Nymph Maniac
Obviously Bored
Paragon of New Aluvia
Perforated Knight
Pest Control
Pit Fighter
Polardillo Pummeler
Prodigal Shadow Slayer
Pumpkin Throne Usurper
Reef Builder
Rehir Killer
Renegade Hunter
Rift Walker
Ring Master
Rock Star
Royal Investigator
Seasonal Seeker
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Sunderer
Shield of Glenden
Siraluun Slasher
Sky Diver
Stone Cold Killer
Supreme Soldier
Thane of Colier
Third Eye Blinder
Tough Tough
Tukora Lieutenant Trouncer
Ultimate Warrior
Warrior of the Seventh Circle
Wisp Whipper
Zombie Incursion Survivor
Name Uses
Jibril's Essence 1
Infused Item Magic 1
Jack of All Trades 1
Caustic Enhancement 1
Yoshi's Essence 1
Celdiseth's Essence 1
Charmed Smith 1
Koga's Essence 1
Clutch of the Miser 3
Shadow of the Seventh Mule 1
Bleeargh's Fortitude 10
Enduring Enchantment 1
Infused Creature Magic 1
Master of the Focused Eye 1
Infused Life Magic 1
Archmage's Endurance 5
Hand of the Remorseless 1
Master of the Five Fold Path 1
Eye of the Remorseless 1
Quick Learner 1
Iron Skin of the Invincible 1
Frenzy of the Slayer 1
Critical Protection 1
Storm's Enhancement 1
Might of the Seventh Mule 5
Ciandra's Essence 1
Ciandra's Fortune 1
Innate Renewal 2
Name Uses
Aetheric Vision 5
World 10
Mana Infusion 5
Craftsman 5
Glory / Retribution 5
Valor / Destruction 10
Protection 5
Temperance / Hardening 5
Mana Flow 5
Specialization 5
Purity 5
Name Uses
Healing Boost 0
Vitality 0
Critical Damage 1
Damage 1
Damage Resistance 0
Critical 0
Critical Resistance 0
Critical Damage Resistance 0
Birth 2022-02-28T23:34:02+00:00
Deaths 431
Aetheria Slots 3
Eldrytch Web Master (1001)
Allegiance Chain
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