There are 151,580 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Hq's Safe Coldeve
Cue Coldeve
Titanium Coldeve
Remy Coldeve
Honoka Coldeve
Misaki Coldeve
Momiji Coldeve
Pai Coldeve
Tina Coldeve
Kasumi Coldeve
Aaliyah Coldeve
Mooy Coldeve
Christie Coldeve
Ayane Coldeve
Tayne Coldeve
Hitomi Coldeve
Makia Coldeve
Maija Coldeve
Alicia Coldeve
Salvage-one Levistras
Blackness Reefcull
Templar Coldeve
Portal Space XI by Dd Coldeve
Scout Coldeve
Phog ValHeel
Basic combat Levistras
The Wolverine Reefcull
Portalwood X Coldeve
Pyre Champion Reefcull
Riki's Archer ValHeel
Pokey InfiniteLeaftide
Abot Reefcull
Moonstar Coldeve
Zenki Frostcull
Portal Travel XI by Dd Coldeve
Rez'arel Reefcull
Rune Sentinel Reefcull
Supreme Reign Reefcull
Mori Hoha Drunkenfell
Hadean Noir Reefcull
Blue Dream BartleSkeetHG
Alien I Coldeve
Alien III Coldeve
Alien VI Coldeve
A G Transport I Reefcull
Bbot Reefcull
Turtle Non Def Adept Armor Reefcull
Portal Gem Bot Reefcull
Portal Jump XI by Dd Coldeve
Uuyrdsvoid Levistras
Infinite Burro Reefcull
Weapons Dude Levistras
A G Newb Gear Reefcull
Lucy VanPelt Reefcull
Schroeder Reefcull
Collex Coldeve
Misty Morning Raine Reefcull
Data AChard
Rashima Frostcull
Jifulo Coldeve
Dog Food Coldeve
Gerlat Coldeve
Runekeysone Reefcull
Dark Void Reefcull
Donatello One Reefcull
Portal Parthway X by Dd Coldeve
Foolproof Logic Reefcull
Sagespark Reefcull
Freyjxa Coldeve
Rune Watchman Reefcull
The Tank Thistlecrown
Superman X Reefcull
Raphael One Reefcull
The Good Thistlecrown
The Ugly Thistlecrown
Darfique Coldeve
Mindbender I Reefcull
Portal Uber X by Dd Coldeve
Raven McKage Reefcull
Beradule Coldeve
Tinkertanker Harvestbud
Me Lisa Harvestbud
Runevroomvroom Reefcull
Blue Bud Reefcull
Lillypou Reefcull
Void Ronsolo Frostcull
Flashfire Levistras
Taxiservice I by Dd Coldeve
Vive Coldeve
Runewazaawazaah Reefcull
Yellow Kitty Reefcull
Keyholder XXXV Reefcull
Kloud ValHeel
Runeblingbling Reefcull
Langley Coldeve
Oh bring me a newb Reefcull
Portal Network X by Dd Coldeve
Dark Assassin Coldeve
Caria Coldeve
Faith Hill Reefcull