There are 157,027 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Horace Thinker Infinite Frosthaven
Kodit Drunkenfell
Penny InfiniteLeaftide
Belshava Reefcull
Ripper Reefcull
Shady Lady Coldeve
Katiana Coldeve
Bowjangles InfiniteLeaftide
Skaoi Coldeve
Asheron's Call Buffbot by Dd Coldeve
Einar Coldeve
Here Hold This I Reefcull
Takla Makan Reefcull
Put Comps Here II Reefcull
Goldylucks Infinite Frosthaven
Yooki Drunkenfell
Timlon Thistlecrown
Sofie InfiniteLeaftide
Taxiservice V by Dd Coldeve
Tony Tony Chopper Coldeve
Plinkin Coldeve
Buffwood Coldeve
Dogwood Coldeve
Sub-Zero LeafDawn
Harli Quinn Coldeve
Rufus Grimes Reefcull
Trafalgar Law Coldeve
Vive Coldeve
Sanctum Sanctorum InfiniteLeaftide
Black Leg Sanji Coldeve
Promethius Coldeve
Mage Mulsii Infinite Frosthaven
Vitt Coldeve
Portalservice V by Dd Coldeve
Platinum Drunkenfell
Mechtazor Thistlecrown
Bina Coldeve
Cheeto InfiniteLeaftide
Guru Derptide
Phowha Derptide
Soul King Coldeve
Alanna Mosvani Infinite Frosthaven
Son of Strange VIII Reefcull
Arize Derptide
Weapon Man XXI Reefcull
Portal Parthway V by Dd Coldeve
Sagespark Reefcull
Nami D Coldeve
Danomus Drunkenfell
Domnia Coldeve
Zmi Infinite Frosthaven
Unwritten Finesse Coldeve
Bacon Bot Reefcull
Nicodemus Coldeve
Hippie Chick Drunkenfell
Balance LeafDawn
Legendary Key Incinerator Reefcull
Rebus ValHeel
General Reefcull
Shots Fired Coldeve
Myool Harvestbud
Slicy Coldeve
Cutty Coldeve
Backswing Coldeve
Someone Else Coldeve
Kahara Coldeve
Portal Uber V by Dd Coldeve
My-Reds InfiniteLeaftide
Katira Reefcull
Thor Stee Reefcull
Ssselaar Reefcull
Liss Mage Harvestbud
Alien I Coldeve
Bacon Attribute Vendor Reefcull
Bacon Gems Vendor Reefcull
Bacon Fletcher Vendor Reefcull
Bacon Cher Brownies Reefcull
Alien II Coldeve
Family bot twelve Coldeve
Anamar Reefcull
Alien III Coldeve
Alien V Coldeve
Alien VII Coldeve
Funny Mummy Reefcull
Lor Reefcull
Sho Keys VI Reefcull
Antareskeymaster Reefcull
Scream Coldeve
Crosby Coldeve
Khan's Tradebot Derptide
Pat's Trades Reefcull
Hood AChard
Ozy al-Mandias Reefcull
Penelope's Trophies InfiniteLeaftide
Turtle Sept Loot II Reefcull
Ian Comyn Levistras
Master Dd Coldeve
Drop Off Three Reefcull
Portal Network VI by Dd Coldeve
The Family Coldeve