There are 144,655 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Alora Darkheart Levistras
Portalwood VIII Coldeve
Zenki Frostcull
Joseph Drunkenfell
Fade Meandy's world
Goneswar Coldeve
Droden Dekarutide
Hood AChard
Bad Gas Harvestbud
Woot Goes the Wombat Infinite Frosthaven
Salvage-one Levistras
Orello Doctide
Urke Doctide
Maniaxe Drunkenfell
Wyrd Neacailmad Meandy's world
Salvage four Levistras
Test Houses AChard
Data AChard
Raphael Frostcull
Skeez Levistras
Moz AChard
Halloween Tm AChard
Trash AChard
Coug XIV Coldeve
Ground Control AChard
Stormmaiden Levistras
Aggro Levistras
A G Transport I Reefcull
Grey Top Taxi I Reefcull
Lkeys Coldeve
Lathander Frostcull
Chosen Coldeve
U Coldeve
Randumb Levistras
+Big E ACEmulator
Zootstwo Drunkenfell
Avian Rarities Coldeve
M'lord Talonius Sharpclaw Coldeve
Four Of Nine Coldeve
Nine Of Nine Coldeve
Eight Of Nine Coldeve
Six Of Nine Coldeve
Five Of Nine Coldeve
His Oui Oui Coldeve
Three Of Nine Coldeve
Shade Of Xaq Coldeve
Abot Reefcull
Xaq Coldeve
Sheerpower LeafDawn
Lapadapthia Coldeve
Eskimo Ray Coldeve
Dypthalia Coldeve
Rotoxia Coldeve
Rontodonia Coldeve
Exempt Coldeve
Screamo McGee Coldeve
Lantridia Coldeve
Reptilia Coldeve
Amano Hikaru Reefcull
Lester LeafDawn
Caw Goes the Crow Infinite Frosthaven
Schroeder Reefcull
Lucien Reefcull
Tempest Pallas Levistras
Lil' Tinker Girl Reefcull
Bbot Reefcull
A-G Reefcull
Mr Buffleupagus Reefcull
Lucy VanPelt Reefcull
Misty Morning Raine Reefcull
Gromph Levistras
Baby Vile Coldeve
Deified Doctide
Portalwood IV Coldeve
Shic Doctide
Leg key mule one Coldeve
Rares N Trophies Harvestbud
Armours Coldeve
Llkeys Coldeve
Gear Me II Drunkenfell
Excalibur Infinite Frosthaven
Gear Me IV Drunkenfell
Gear Me Drunkenfell
Me Lisa Harvestbud
Legis mule Coldeve
Drakkon Fathomless Refuge
Coug XV Coldeve
Fade mul Meandy's world
Gear Me III Drunkenfell
Sens the Blundered Levistras
Tinker Ronsolo Morntide
Dark Schneidr BartleSkeetHG
Fade the Blade Meandy's world
Rhhsr Drunkenfell
Aeron Bowman Coldeve
Cil Harvestbud
Blue Dream BartleSkeetHG
Atomik Coldeve
Imperial Coldeve
Andiglo's Sidekick Coldeve