There are 172,898 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Don't Avoid Derptide
+Audit Sundering
Andoin Loathar Coldeve
Guardian Reaper LostWoods AC
Manex the Ranger Levistras
Darkangel DragonMoon
Yari Seedsow
Portal Gem Bot Reefcull
Killiakta Adventure Tours XI Reefcull
Son of Strange VIII Reefcull
Son of Strange VI Reefcull
Abyssal Watchman Coldeve
Werecur Coldeve
Airmed Coldeve
Gs Jewels Levistras
Cthreepo Coldeve
Son of Strange IV Reefcull
Manex Levistras
Wartortle Derptide
Mad Jack Churchill Coldeve
Al Organic Coldeve
Void Rage Coldeve
Rares de Che Sundering
Jiggiwatt Coldeve
Jiggi-Mage Coldeve
Maddox the Ranger Levistras
Keeper II Frostcull
Son of Anarchy Coldeve
Someone Coldeve
Serrano DragonMoon
Serrano's Bow DragonMoon
Serrano's Shield DragonMoon
Roogon VI The Tower
Buffwood Coldeve
Marble Memo Coldeve
Yuan Look in the Mirra ValHeel
Riverside Strangler Coldeve
Grip Crush Thistlecrown
Drismule W Coldeve
Drismule Coldeve
Strange Tink Reefcull
Ramirez DragonMoon
+Administrator Thistlecrown
Lil' Tinker Girl Reefcull
Grey Top Taxi I Reefcull
A-G Reefcull
Night Wing Thistlecrown
Bbot Reefcull
Son of Strange VII Reefcull
Shroomz DragonMoon
Rez'arel Reefcull
Killiakta Adventure Tours Reefcull
Son of Strange V Reefcull
Crafty Burro Reefcull
Son of Strange II Reefcull
Seclude DragonMoon
Sindos DragonMoon
Aspenberry Sundering
A G Transport I Reefcull
Alb'arel Reefcull
Tarken Drunkenfell
Son of Strange III Reefcull
Dr Vegapunk Coldeve
Son of Calypso Coldeve
Rain The Tower
Capri Coldeve
Strange Magericks Reefcull
Clegane Seedsow
Nowwa Needazheet Infinite Frosthaven
Nekro's lost son Coldeve
Singh ValHeel
Sun Frozen LeafDawn
Portal I Coldeve
Fokus Coldeve
Dwarfass Coldeve
Garrus Vakarien Coldeve
Abraham Von Cameltoe Coldeve
Sarigar the Necromancer Levistras
Zotoh Zhaan Coldeve
Death Mage DragonMoon
Dale Gribble InfiniteLeaftide
High Priest Gabagool Coldeve
Colonel Indiana Longnuts Coldeve
Dread Dragontide
Otherguy DragonMoon
Aryze InfiniteLeaftide
Detective Bluto Mindpretzel Coldeve
Slick Deuceman Attorney-at-Law Coldeve
Secret Agent Randy Beans Coldeve
Enya Mouthhole Coldeve
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico Coldeve
Secretion Coldeve
Im not sure where i am but Coldeve
Maximus The Tower
Son of Vader Coldeve
Brycter G Coldeve
Legendary Key LeafDawn
Shishi Dodo Reefcull
Lazy Batman Thistlecrown
Spirits Vender Coldeve