Private Servers

This is by no means an official or complete list of the available private servers. I keep this list to make the TreeStats website as useful as possible and I pick servers based upon whether the server has been around for a while, has a stable player base, and is likely to be around in the future. Note that my list is different than the community list.

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Name Description Type Online Account Limit Software Connect More
Reefcull Retail experience. PvE 425 GDLE Website Discord
Harvestbud Retail experience. Max. 3 accounts. PvE 27 3 GDLE Website Discord
Coldeve Retail experience. PvE 982 ACE Discord
Drunkenfell End-of-retail with modifications. PvE 36 ACE Discord
LeafDawn Retail experience with light focus on custom content. PvE 61 ACE Discord
Levistras Retail experience. Max. 2 accounts. No botting. PvE 36 2 ACE Discord
Thistlecrown Retail experience with convenience changes. PvE 39 ACE Discord
Seedsow We are a Release-Dark Majesty based server which means that you will find dungeons that were once re-tiered restored to there former glory! PvE 24 GDLE-Classic Website Discord
Snowreap We are a RED Release-Dark Majesty based server which means that you will find dungeons that were once re-tiered restored to there former glory! PvP GDLE-Classic Website Discord End of Retail experience w/ custom content. 2x XP weekends. Max 4 accounts. PvE 30 4 ACE Website Discord
Frostcull 10x XP/Lum, 25x Drop Rate, No Level Cap, Custom Content, and More! PvE 67 5 ACE Discord
Duskfall 10x XP, 5x Luminance, Custom Content/Dungeons/Gear/Story Progression PvE 0 2 ACE Discord
Jellocull Retail experience w/ progressive custom content. 1x XP. PvE ACE Discord
AChard ACE Retail PVP Server with Custom PK Content. Limit 4 Connections. PvP 2 ACE Website Discord
Podtide Where the PvP happens PvP 135 4 ACE Website Discord
Killiakta PvE (nearly) infinite level server offering end of retail as well as custom content to include new land masses not seen ingame (even a PKL only landmass), updates to add viability to nostalgic quests, and more! PvE 3 2 ACE Discord
Morntide PvE. Retail experience. Max. 3 accounts. PvE 0 3 ACE Website Discord
FunkyTown 2.0 We have exclusive content that can't be found anywhere else! We offer a retail experience with something new to do. "Funky Island". PvE and PvP welcome. WE LOVE AC! PvE 54 4 GDLE Discord
Morgentau PvE. Retail experience. Max. 6 connections. PvE 6 ACE Website Discord
BartleSkeetHG PvE, Retail Settings Mostly, Houses on every character, No official account limit, but will be reviewed. PvE ACE Website Discord
Derptide Retail with many QoL improvements most quest rewards updated to be usable, and useful for the leading experience, ongoing story arcs and live events. PvE 33 3 ACE Discord
Wynterthaw Custom content created for lower and post 275 life. Entire new island for 275+. PvE 3 ACE Discord

Retail Servers