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Online 10 characters online as of an hour ago
Uploaded 1,899 characters uploaded
Type PvE
Description A PVE Dark Majesty server must use classic AC .dats
Software GDL

Recent Uploads

Name Updated
Messer of Leafcull 4 minutes ago
Grayfire 16 hours ago
Messer's Battlemage 18 hours ago
Mess O'Steel 22 hours ago
Mess O'Iron III 22 hours ago
Mess o' Salvage VIII 22 hours ago
Mess' Major Jewelry 22 hours ago
Mess O'Newb Shields 22 hours ago
Mess o'Cov 22 hours ago
Vanessa a day ago
Maurice Patel a day ago
Reiss a day ago
Akumi a day ago
Jaime Lannister a day ago
Else a day ago
Deib 2 days ago
For 2 days ago
Lissa 2 days ago
Amelia 2 days ago
Lutekka 2 days ago
Cephalopod 2 days ago
Amuli King 2 days ago
Quindyn 3 days ago
Melee King 3 days ago
Queen of the Coven 3 days ago