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Titles (90)
Durzo Blint Male Undead Hopebringer  
Luminance: 135,073 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP): 191,226,310,247
Character Level 275
Strength (10) 200
Endurance (100) 290
Coordination (100) 290
Quickness (100) 290
Focus (60) 250
Self (10) 200
Health 341 / 341
Stamina 486 / 486
Mana 396 / 396
Skill Credits Available: 0
Unassigned Experience: 18,183,126,410
Durzo Blint Male Undead Hopebringer  
Luminance: 135,073 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP): 191,226,310,247
Character Level 275
Specialized Skills ?
Cooking 416
Fletching 416
Melee Defense 429
Missile Weapons 381
Summoning 399
Trained Skills ?
Arcane Lore 291
Creature Enchantment 321
Healing 388
Item Enchantment 321
Jump 453
Life Magic 321
Loyalty 208
Magic Defense 272
Mana Conversion 283
Run 498
Salvaging 208
Adept Adventurer
Aerbax's Bane
All for One
Arcanum Adventurer
Asheron's Defender
Assistant's Assistant
Bearer of Darkness
Beginning's End
Blood Seeker
Bloodstone Hunter
Burning Soul
Champion of House Mhoire
Champion of Sickles
Champion of Stone
Champion of the Hive
Champion of the Wild
Colosseum Champion
Cragstone Firefighter
Crown Of the Deru
Crypt Rat
Crystalline Adventurer
Dereth's Elite
Derethian Newbie
Dojiro Sangi's Savior
Emotional Wreck
Epic Fail
Frozen Fighter
Gardener Weeder
Glenden Wood Militia
Golden God
Grave Stalker
Guardian of the Tower
Guiding Light
Hero of House Mhoire
Hope of the Past
Hostile Combatant
Illuminating the Shadows
Immortal Champion
Insatiable Slayer
Intrepid Explorer
Knight of the Northwest Tower
Knight of the Southeast Tower
Knight of the Southwest Tower
Lady Tairla's Champion
Liberator of Uziz
Lord of the Arena
Mana Field Finder
Marble Wrangler
Master Gladiator
Master of the Oubliette
Mender of the Rift
Minion Marauder
Morale Smasher
Nexus Crawler
Night Owl
Notable Citizen
Novice Wanderer
Pet Savior
Prodigal Tusker Slayer
Protector of the Past
Rage Quitter
Red Fury
Resistance Fighter
Resistance Recruit
Ring Master
Rynthid Wrecker
Searching the Shadows
Slayer of the Black Spear
Soldier Slaughterer
Sorcerer Slayer
Stone Cold Killer
Tactical Aid
Tusker Blight
Vanquisher of the Titan
Warrior of the Seventh Circle
Well Trained
Wisp Whipper
Worker Obliterator
Name Uses
Jack of All Trades 1
Bleeargh's Fortitude 4
Steadfast Will 6
Shadow of the Seventh Mule 1
Infused Creature Magic 1
Might of the Seventh Mule 5
Infused Item Magic 1
Clutch of the Miser 3
Infused Life Magic 1
Enduring Enchantment 1
Critical Protection 1
Eye of the Remorseless 1
Quick Learner 1
Hand of the Remorseless 1
Ciandra's Fortune 4
Master of the Focused Eye 1
Master of the Five Fold Path 1
Archmage's Endurance 5
Fiery Enhancement 2
Frenzy of the Slayer 1
Iron Skin of the Invincible 1
Name Uses
Valor 5
Protection 10
Glory 5
Temperance 5
Aetheric Vision 5
Mana Flow 5
Mana Infusion 5
Purity 5
Craftsman 4
Specialization 5
World 10
Name Uses
Damage 3
Damage Resistance 0
Critical 0
Critical Resistance 0
Critical Damage 2
Critical Damage Resistance 1
Healing Boost 0
Vitality 13
Birth 2011-03-02T23:24:17+00:00
Aetheria Slots 7
Times Enlightened? 0
Housing Purchase Date? 2016-10-12 10:24:50 UTC
Melee Axes
Ranged Bows
Summoning Naturalist
Eldrytch Web Master (1001)
Allegiance Chain
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