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Retail Servers

Private Servers

Name Type Description Connect Info
Reefcull GDLE PvE. Retail experience. reefcull.connect-to-server.online:9000 Website Discord
Hightide GDLE PvP. Retail experience. hightide.connect-to-server.online:9000 Website Discord
Harvestbud GDLE PvE. Retail experience. Max. 3 accounts. harvestbud.connect-to-server.online:9000 Website Discord
Riptide GDLE A PvP server that will mimic retail with quality of life deviations. riptide.ac:9000 Website Discord
Coldeve ACE PvE. Retail experience. play.coldeve.online:9000 Discord
Drunkenfell ACE PvE. End-of-retail with modifications. df.drunkenfell.com:9000 Discord
LeafDawn ACE PvE. Retail experience with light focus on custom content. leafdawn.hopto.org:9000 Discord
Living Auberean ACE PvE. Retail experience with convenience changes. Max. 3 accounts. Discord
Levistras ACE PvE. Retail experience. Max. 2 accounts. No botting. levistras.servequake.com:9000 Discord
PotatoAC ACE PvP. Custom experience: 1.5-3xp w/ emphasis on custom content. potato.ac:9000 Discord
RisingSun ACE PvE. Retail experience. risingsun.hopto.org:9000 Discord
Winterthaw ACE PvE. Convenience changes and custom content. Website Discord