There are 126,790 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Ibphreakin Coldeve
Kitty Claw Reefcull
Sweetii life Reefcull
Tacito Drunkenfell
Deal Breaker Coldeve
Sweetii Rose Reefcull
Sweets Staff Reefcull
Javex Salvage Mule II Coldeve
It the mage Reefcull
Coug XI Coldeve
Enigma Infinite Frosthaven
Old Biscut
Zestryl Harvestbud
Transfet Agent One Coldeve
Secutor Drunkenfell
Hardly Working
Ristarte Drunkenfell
Silk-Sonic Coldeve
Lerit Coldeve
Odysseus Drunkenfell
Walmart Coldeve
Angry Old Man
Zathras VIII Coldeve
Darkmagic LeafDawn
Talisker Coldeve
Zathris VIII Coldeve
Wild Hunt IV Reefcull
Wild Hunt III Reefcull
Chapa'ai H Coldeve
Wild Hunt II Reefcull
Wild Hunt I Reefcull
Herne The Hunter Reefcull
Old Nuetered
Ankou Reefcull
Taran Reefcull
Moonstar Coldeve
Crafty Burro Reefcull
Fatalmage LeafDawn
Shade of Dragosun Reefcull
Jjwar Drunkenfell
Old Soldier
Zenia Drunkenfell
Jackcatone Coldeve
Sir William LeafDawn
Luhar Coldeve
Coug XV Coldeve
Lern Coldeve
The Wookster Coldeve
Burning Sorter Coldeve
Five Finger Finesse Punch Reefcull
Javex Coldeve
Artificer W Harvestbud
Gones Coldeve
Injured Pride Harvestbud
Cyberknight LeafDawn
Coug VIII Coldeve
Tint's Portals XVI Coldeve
Stormmaiden Levistras
Maverick the Gambler Reefcull
Family Jewelz Two Drunkenfell
Ceph Pb IV Seedsow
Killiakta Adventure Tours VI Reefcull
Queen Chers Keyz II Reefcull
Full Salvage Bags Reefcull
Here Hold This I Reefcull
Raoden Coldeve
Burning Archer Coldeve
Tint's Portals V Coldeve
Hordin The Wild Levistras
Generalisima Mayhem Harvestpain
Tint's Portals XV Coldeve
The Pusher Man Snowreap
Chiron's salvage Derptide
Purrfect Lady Reefcull
Ninalpaca Levistras
Market Coldeve
Dredon Drunkenfell
Working Hard
Jjunarmone Drunkenfell
Id tink that Snowreap
Harli Quinn Coldeve
Sable Coldeve
Coug XX Coldeve
Testerarcher Frostcull
Data's bae Derptide
Eira Skye Reefcull
Suitz Levistras
Colton Wong Reefcull
Kaluvien Harvestbud
Satchel Paige Reefcull
Veronica Frost Reefcull
Coug IX Coldeve
Spalding Gray Reefcull
Pierce Brosnan Reefcull
Tradeinc Coldeve
Bowen Marsh Reefcull