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There are 22097 characters in the database. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Jonmarc Vahanian WuckFB Classic White
Secourir WuckFB Classic White
Spellcaster Eggbert WuckFB Classic White
Egwene WuckFB Classic White
Blacksmith Eggbert WuckFB Classic White
Johnny Rotten WuckFB Classic White
Magicsmith Eggbert WuckFB Classic White
Scandian the Wicked WuckFB ToD
Ima Neubi WuckFB ToD
Kaandras the Hunted WuckFB ToD
Dag Herr WuckFB ToD
Oddity WuckFB ToD
Ben Ten WuckFB ToD
Maelstryx Reefcull
Heyyouiv Reefcull
Heyyou Reefcull
Aerfall Reefcull
K L O U D Reefcull
Kloud Reefcull
Hold These Half Bags Reefcull
Comp I Reefcull
Zal's Key Depositor Reefcull
Cher'okee Reefcull
Load me Up Reefcull
Juan O'Many Reefcull
The Drunken Mule Reefcull
Buff Bottington Reefcull
The Holtburg Town Drunk Reefcull
Chers tinker me this Reefcull
The Drunken Tinker Reefcull
Arwic Town Drunk Reefcull
+John Snow Hightide
The Drunken Spellcrafter Reefcull
Behaving Bad Reefcull
+John Snow Reefcull
One Of Many Reefcull
+Envoy Sparker Hightide
Purrfect Lady Reefcull
Wooy Reefcull
Shadow Wolf Seedsow
Heyyouvi Reefcull
Bob Belcher WuckFB Classic White
Balaazar Reefcull
Crazy Bow Chick WuckFB Classic White
Tinkerbells Reefcull
Serafino Seedsow
Daryl Dixon WuckFB Classic White
Sven the Long Reefcull
Djinn'n'Juice Reefcull
Wiccan Witch Hightide
Pueter WuckFB ToD
Magnus WuckFB Classic White
Pug WuckFB Classic White
Lyam WuckFB Classic White
Here Hold This Four Reefcull
Here Hold This Five Reefcull
Goldy Items Reefcull
Cher'okee Reign Reefcull
Really Really Reefcull
Chers Armor Extras Reefcull
Queen Cleopatra Reefcull
Lady Cher's Goodies Reefcull
Epic Holder One Reefcull
Newb Major Jewelry Reefcull
Yoroi Me This Reefcull
Majors One Reefcull
Hold these keys Reefcull
Keyz I Reefcull
You Wouldn't Believe It Reefcull
Newblet Items Reefcull
Key me Plzzzzzz Reefcull
Epic Legs Queen Reefcull
Chers Armory Reefcull
Chersx'extra Reefcull
Bitez Me Reefcull
Cher's Missile Weapons Reefcull
Cher Xtra Mule Space Reefcull
Here Hold This Six Reefcull
Eggbert WuckFB Classic White
Weapon Tinkers II Reefcull
Salvage Holder III Reefcull
Salvage Holder II Reefcull
Rends Salvage II Reefcull
Salvage Magic Item Tinks Reefcull
Salvage Weapon Tinks Reefcull
Armor Salvages I Reefcull
Armor Salvage II Reefcull
Cult of the Serpent's Tongue Reefcull
Shuai jiao the Grappler Reefcull
Onewaysystem Reefcull
Parafox Reefcull
Cher'okee Effects Reefcull
Tailor me that Reefcull
Keyz One Reefcull
Allegiance Storage Armor Reefcull
Allegiance Flagging Items Reefcull
Weapons Two Reefcull
Shenlon Reefcull
Ole muley Reefcull
Oh My Keyz Reefcull