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TreeStats Stats
General Statistics
Tracked Characters 32,930
Tracked Allegiances 294
Characters By Server
Darktide 2,902
Frostfell 5,836
Harvestgain 4,144
Leafcull 3,593
Morningthaw 5,435
Thistledown 3,024
Solclaim 3,117
Verdantine 1,578
WintersEbb 3,301
Most Titles
Name Server Titles
Immortalbob Morningthaw 440
Krakatau Darktide 436
Yertle Morningthaw 432
Evil-Lady Frostfell 404
Blackmancer Thistledown 401
Sanddh WintersEbb 388
Lothnar Leafcull 386
Merlin-the-Mage Thistledown 379
Slit Throat Darktide 357
Alphus Onimbus Darktide 328
Most Deaths
Name Server Deaths
Eminent Leafcull 102,993
Anvil-the-Eternal Darktide 31,261
Macronian-the-eternal Darktide 22,299
Rawhead Rex Darktide 17,418
Slit Throat Darktide 13,697
Shark Attack Darktide 11,524
Head-On-A-Stick Darktide 9,406
Hell's Wrath Morningthaw 8,685
Splitting Headache Darktide 8,586
Xavier Dreux Darktide 7,068

Download the data dump

The live Asheron's Call servers are shut down and I've turned this site into read-only mode. For interested parties, I've made an archive of the site's data available to download:

Download the TreeStats data dump
Download all characters, XP chains, allegiances, server population counts, and aggregate statistics (26 MB tar.gz)

As always, source code for the site and the accompanying Decal plugin are available on GitHub. Also be aware that TreeStats didn't stored everything that was possible to store so if you're looking to for complete character information, you'd want to look at pcaps instead.


Update 2016-08-08 0600 UTC

(Another) New plugin release + Installer

  • There is now an installer. I'm not sure if anyone was needing this but I always intended to do one. Hopefully it works for everyone and not just me?
  • Getting warned about sending too many updates when you weren't sending any manually should be fixed. I'm not sure how many users were experiencing this.

Update 2016-08-03 1719 UTC

New plugin release!

  • TreeStats (the plugin) now lets you view your characters and their stats together. Create an account using the Accounts tab in the plugin and any characters you upload after that will be grouped together. I hope this is helpful for people comparing stuff like augs across characters.
  • Also fixed a bug with locales and dates breaking uploads for probably exactly one person. I'm sorry!!!
  • And sorry for breaking uploads overnight.

Update 2016-06-25 1719 UTC

  • Increased how far you can zoom out in the chain view. Some people apparently have huge chains!

Update 2016-02-24 0800 UTC

  • Titles should now display as they do ingame. I had made some bad assumptions before. FYI to anyone who cares: I get the titles from portal.dat so you'll see titles that may not be listed anywhere else, like acpedia.

Update 2016-02-23 1600 UTC

  • The 'Titles' tab on the character pages now show the title count for that character
  • The titles shown in the 'Titles' tab of your character now link to their corresponding page in the Titles listing
  • The Titles listing now sorts by server, then by character name
  • The Titles listing is now sorted by title name

Update 2016-02-20 1600 UTC

  • Per user request, I've added a titles listing so you can find players that have a particular title.
  • Added a ranking for the number of times a character has been Enlightened: /rankings?ranking=times_enlightened

Update 2016-02-16 0000 UTC

  • Complete re-write of the ranking system. This fixes an 'Internal Server Error' some users were receiving when they tried to sort in reverse order
  • Added a Rankings Index at /rankings that shows all possible rankings.
  • Added new rankings: Total XP, Followers
  • Rankings for vitals are now in their own group
  • The 'Most Titles' ranking is now under the Other grouping

Update 2015-12-29 0500 UTC

I've decided to start putting updates here on the front page instead if hiding them away in commit messages. Here are a few updates:

  • Added a subheader to the top of the website so Google shows something useful.
  • Extracted the introductory text from the front page into its own page: http://treestats.net/about.
  • Wrote up a small section on the pseudo-API for TreeStats at http://treestats.net/api.
  • Removed the monthly uploads chart from the front page and made the daily uploads chart wider.
  • Made the latest player counts API endpoint pretty-print its output.
  • Fixed long-standing but in the accounts view for where the 'birth' field wasn't working.