Private Servers

This list stays roughly in sync with the Community Server List . If you'd like to add or remove your server, please go there and submit a Pull Request .

Name Description Type Online Software Connect Discord Website
ACPrime A PvE 'no grinding' group of players. PvE ACE
AChard ACE EOR PVP Server/Custom PK Content/PK Kill Rankings PvP 99 ACE
Ascension Progression to Level 1000, Several QOL changes, and Custom Content ongoing PvE 118 ACE A PVE ACE server with End of Retail + easy mode content. PVE 1 ACE
Coldeve A PVE AC Server evolving to provide a end of retail experience running ACEmulator. PvE 1012 ACE
DarkSide-PK *NEW* 3x PVP Server,Content,Updates,Quest,Dungeons. Dedicated US Server PvP ACE
Dekarutide ACE-Classic Dark Majesty era custom PVE server with Hardcore PVE and Hardcore PK option, with new skills, techniques, tactics, endless hybrid template possibilities! PvE 8 ACE
Derptide EOR server that pushes custom content and Qol changes, All quest weapons have been upgraded to be useful, and usable. No quest item will EVER be better than lootgen, Live events, Ongoing story arcs. and TONS of tailoring options. PvE 28 ACE
Doctide The place where PvP happens PvP 184 ACE
Drunkenfell A PvE server that will resemble end-of-retail with some modifications. PvE 34 ACE
Duskfall No Lvl Cap/Skill Cap/PvP-PvE/Custom Content/10x Xp/5x Lum/3x Drops.(2 Accounts at once limit) PvE ACE
Fathomless Refuge Weekly Quest System, Permanent XP/Lum Bonus for questing, Unlimited Levels and Attributes, Magic only obtained via questing, Quest Reward updates, Offline XP Gains PvE ACE
Frostcull NO LEVEL/ATTRIBUTE CAP! 10x XP/Luminance, 25x Drop Rate, Quest Timers Reduced By 90%! PvE 35 ACE
FrostfACE New accounts include lvl 275 starter characters. Retail character restoration also supported. PvE 120 ACE
FunkyTEST FunkyTown 2.0 Test Server PvE GDL
FunkyTown 2.0 Retail with a little bit of Funky PvE 1 GDL
FunkyTown PK Retail with a little bit of Funky. PVP ONLY. Not moderated, No Warranties, No Refunds. PvP 0 GDL
GDLE Test Test server for Reefcull and Harvestbud servers. Only online for testing purposes. PvE GDL
HARVESTreGAINed End of retail with the popular opensource content like BeyondAC and New Roulea island and more added. Custom starting town and some quality of life changes. New accounts get a 1mill xp gem and some trade notes to start with. No account limits. 2000 player limit. Beefy Server Hardware. Active admin team. Looking for more players and recruiting staff. Website and discord under construction. See you in game. PvE 8 ACE
Harvestbud Retail experience. 3 account max PvE 33 GDLE
Harvestgain_Originals Old school original Harvestgain players! ACE PVE
Hightide PvP grounds. 3 accounts max PvP GDLE
Infinite Frosthaven Active play rewarded! Earn permanent account-wide increased XP% from completing quests. No level cap. Magic learned from looted scrolls only. Custom content. PvE 44 ACE
InfiniteLeaftide Inifinite Level and Enlightenment, an Infinite Extended Retail Experience. Custom content, constant development and active community! PvE 124 ACE
Jellocull A PVE Server to mimic retail and later add custom content. PvE ACE
Levistras A 100% Botting-Free PvE Server! Open access! 2 account limit PvE 35 ACE
Modclaim A PVE AC Server evolving to provide a end of retail experience running ACEmulator with addition of "persistent arrows". PvE 0 ACE
Morgentau A PVE server with some server side portal bots. Max. 7 accounts per IP. PVE ACE
Morntide PvE 3-account limit end-of-retail server with retro content additions. Requires MegaDat. PvE ACE
Reefcull A PVE Server thats goal is to mimic end of game retail. PvE 348 GDL
Revolution A server for Emys Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and The Internet PvE ACE
Seedsow A PVE Dark Majesty server must use classic AC .dats PvE 48 GDL
Shadowland A PVE Server thats goal is to mimic end of game retail. No max on accounts or sessions. PvE 1 ACE
Snowreap A PVP Dark Majesty server must use classic AC .dats PvP 3 GDL
Soulclaim 1.5x XP/Luminance - 2x Quest XP/Luminance - Custom starting items and content. PvE 0 ACE
Sundering The Sundering is a 3 active character limit, PVE server targeting an End of Retail feel with convenience modifications, custom content, and pre-planned weekend/weekday bonuses. PvE 56 ACE
Thistlecrown Everyone welcome! 3 account limit. Recreation of TD. PVE 79 ACE
ValHeel A Post End-of-Retail expansion to the Asheron's Call we know and love! Hours of new questlines and content to explore. Customer mechanics not found on any other server! Start your journey in ValHeel today! PvE 31 ACE
Wynterhaven Custom content server with high level areas and conveniences. PvE ACE

Retail Servers