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About TreeStats

What is TreeStats?

TreeStats is a Decal plugin and associated website for Turbine's Asheron's Call . It uploads information about characters you log into with the plugin running, such as:

  • General information (Name, race, level, etc.)
  • Attributes, skills, and titles
  • Augmentations, ratings, and other miscellaneous information

Only the information your character knows about (itself, its monarch/patron/vassal names) will be uploaded. You won't get information about players your see while playing (i.e., it doesn't get information on the players you inspect or are near). For monarch/patron/vassals, only name, race, and rank are collected.

This website adds a few features on top of the data the plugin collects:

  • Server population counts
  • Each characters' allegiance chain (so far as they are known by TreeStats)
  • Each allegiance's tree (so far as it's known by TreeStats)
  • Rankings for statistics of interest (i.e. level, character age, War Magic skill level)

What should I do now that I'm here?

If you play AC and want your characters' information to be available offline and to the public, go download and install TreeStats.