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Titles (93)
Nephi Male Gharu'ndim The Cool Kids Club  
Luminance: 1,500,000 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP): 191,226,310,247
Character Level 275
Strength (10) 200
Endurance (60) 250
Coordination (100) 290
Quickness (10) 200
Focus (100) 290
Self (100) 290
Health 321 / 321
Stamina 446 / 446
Mana 486 / 486
Skill Credits Available: 0
Unassigned Experience: 38,860,539,880
Nephi Male Gharu'ndim The Cool Kids Club  
Luminance: 1,500,000 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP): 191,226,310,247
Character Level 275
Specialized Skills ?
Arcane Lore 333
Magic Defense 319
Melee Defense 399
Salvaging 236
War Magic 381
Trained Skills ?
Creature Enchantment 353
Item Enchantment 353
Jump 453
Life Magic 353
Loyalty 106
Mana Conversion 305
Missile Defense 306
Run 408
Abhorrent Warrior
Adept Adventurer
Adept Explorer
All for One
Ally of the Gold Primus
Amateur Explorer
An Auberean Legend
Assistant's Assistant
Banderling Bully
Bearer of Darkness
Bug Butcher
Chain Breaker
Champion of Silyun
Crater Crasher
Crypt Rat
Derethian Newbie
Dire Drudge Decapitator
Dire Huntsman
Elemental Eradicator
Elite Head Hunter
Engorged Scourge
Epic Warrior
Experienced Explorer
Expert Banished Hunter
Expert Fallen Hunter
Exploring Archaeologist
Fan of Asheron
Follower of Asheron
Follower of the Vine
Fowl Follower
Friend of Silyun
Game Warden
Gear Knight Recruiter
Glenden Wood Militia
Gold Farmer
Golden Gear Crafter
Guppy Master
Harbinger of Madness
Haunts Your Dreams
Healer Ritualist
Heart Ripper
Hero of Silyun
Honorary Rea of the Aun
Insatiable Slayer
Intrepid Explorer
Iron-Spined Chittick Immolator
K'nath An'dras Assassinator
Likes Asheron
Likes Getting Titles
Master Explorer
Master of Slaughter
Morale Smasher
Mountain Climber
Nexus Crawler
Notable Citizen
Novice Wanderer
Obviously Bored
One for All
Paragon of Death
Paragon of New Aluvia
Pond Scum
Pro Fisherman
Ravenous Killer
Reef Builder
Renegade Hunter
Rift Walker
Seasonal Seeker
Shadow Sunderer
Silver Serf
Sky Diver
Supreme Soldier
The Cool Kids Club
Third Eye Blinder
Thrungus Reaper
Tusker Blight
Unwitting Participant
Voracious Flayer
Warrior of the Seventh Circle
Zefir Zapper
Name Uses
Jack of All Trades 1
Bleeargh's Fortitude 10
Ciandra's Essence 1
Shadow of the Seventh Mule 1
Infused Creature Magic 1
Might of the Seventh Mule 5
Infused Item Magic 1
Clutch of the Miser 3
Infused Life Magic 1
Enduring Enchantment 1
Infused War Magic 1
Critical Protection 1
Eye of the Remorseless 1
Quick Learner 1
Hand of the Remorseless 1
Ciandra's Fortune 4
Master of the Five Fold Path 1
Archmage's Endurance 5
Fiery Enhancement 1
Frenzy of the Slayer 1
Iron Skin of the Invincible 1
Storm's Enhancement 1
Name Uses
Valor 10
Protection 5
Glory 5
Temperance 5
Aetheric Vision 5
Mana Flow 5
Mana Infusion 5
Purity 5
Craftsman 5
Specialization 5
World 10
Name Uses
Damage 0
Damage Resistance 1
Critical 0
Critical Resistance 0
Critical Damage 0
Critical Damage Resistance 0
Healing Boost 2
Vitality 0
Birth 1999-11-21T03:43:53+00:00
Fishing Skill 700
Aetheria Slots 7
Times Enlightened? 0
Melee Staves
Ranged Magical Spells
Radiant Blood Master (1001)
Allegiance Chain
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