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Tzhar (Solclaim)

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Titles (171)
Tzhar Male Sho Deadeye  
Luminance: 1,349,692 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP): 191,226,310,247
Character Level 275
Strength (10) 200
Endurance (60) 250
Coordination (100) 290
Quickness (100) 290
Focus (100) 290
Self (10) 200
Health 321 / 321
Stamina 446 / 446
Mana 396 / 396
Skill Credits Available: 0
Unassigned Experience: 31,712,740,642
Tzhar Male Sho Deadeye  
Luminance: 1,349,692 / 1,500,000
Total Experience (XP): 191,226,310,247
Character Level 275
Specialized Skills
Deception 236
Magic Defense 306
Melee Defense 429
Missile Weapons 381
Salvaging 0
Sneak Attack 429
Trained Skills
Arcane Lore 305
Creature Enchantment 331
Dirty Fighting 371
Fletching 401
Healing 401
Item Enchantment 331
Jump 453
Life Magic 331
Loyalty 0
Mana Conversion 290
Run 498
Abhorrent Warrior
Adept Adventurer
Adept Explorer
Aerbax's Bane
Ally of the Gold Primus
Altered Hunter
Amateur Explorer
Amelia's Caretaker
An Auberean Legend
Asheron's Defender
Augmented Hunter
Banderling Bully
Bearer of Darkness
Bloodstone Hunter
Bright Knight
Bug Butcher
Burun Liberator
Champion of House Mhoire
Champion of Silyun
Champion of Stone
Champion of Stone
Champion of Stone
Christmas Courier
Cold Turkey
Colosseum Champion
Cragstone Firefighter
Cragstone Knight
Crater Crasher
Crown Of the Deru
Crypt Rat
Defeater of the Blight
Dereth's Elite
Derethian Newbie
Dire Drudge Decapitator
Dire Huntsman
Dojiro Sangi's Savior
Drudge Doom
Elite Explorer
Elite Head Hunter
Emotional Wreck
Epic Fail
Epic Warrior
Experienced Explorer
Expert Banished Hunter
Exploring Archaeologist
Fan of Asheron
Fashion King
Fashion King
Fashion King
Follower of the Vine
Friend of Sanamar
Friend of Silyun
Gaerlan Slayer
Gardener Weeder
Gauntlet Champion
Gauntlet Gladiator
Gear Knight Emissary
Glenden Wood Militia
Gold Farmer
Golden Gear Crafter
Grave Stalker
Guardian of Cragstone
Guardian of the Dark
Guardian of the Tower
Guiding Light
Guppy Master
Healer Ritualist
Heart Ripper
Hero of House Mhoire
Hero of Silyun
Hero of the Night
Hive Queenslayer
Honorary Snowman
Hope of the Past
Illuminating the Shadows
Insatiable Slayer
Intrepid Explorer
Invader's Bane
Jester's Little Helper
Knight of the Northwest Tower
Knight of the Southeast Tower
Knight of the Southwest Tower
Lady Tairla's Champion
Liberator of Uziz
Lord of the Arena
Loss Prevention
Marble Wrangler
Master Explorer
Master Gladiator
Master of Puppets
Master of Slaughter
Master of the Mystical Mug
Master of the Oubliette
Master of the Porcelain Altar
Mender of the Rift
Merciful Killer
Minion Marauder
Mountain Climber
Nexus Crawler
Night Owl
Notable Citizen
Novice Wanderer
Obviously Bored
Olthoi Ripper Reducer
One for All
Paradox-touched Queenslayer
Paragon of Death
Paragon of New Aluvia
Pet Savior
Pit Fighter
Pond Scum
Present Protector
Prodigal Shadow Slayer
Prodigal Tusker Slayer
Protector of the Past
Pumpkin Lord
Rage Quitter
Ravenous Killer
Renegade Hunter
Rynthid Wrecker
Searching the Shadows
Seasonal Seeker
Secret Keeper
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Sunderer
Sky Diver
Slayer of the Black Spear
Sorcerer Slayer
Spring Cleaner
Stalker Stalker
Storm Rider
Supreme Soldier
Tactical Aid
Third Eye Blinder
Thrungus Reaper
Thunder Chicken Slayer
Tower Guardian Architect
Tracker Guardian
Ulgrim's Drinking Buddy
Ultimate Warrior
Unwitting Participant
Vanquisher of the Titan
Vile Betrayer
Voracious Flayer
Warden of the Burning Wood
Warrior of the Past
Warrior of the Seventh Circle
Well Trained
Wily Warrior
Name Uses
Jack of All Trades 1
Bleeargh's Fortitude 10
Ciandra's Essence 1
Shadow of the Seventh Mule 1
Might of the Seventh Mule 5
Clutch of the Miser 3
Enduring Enchantment 1
Critical Protection 1
Eye of the Remorseless 1
Hand of the Remorseless 1
Ciandra's Fortune 4
Master of the Steel Circle 1
Master of the Focused Eye 1
Innate Renewal 1
Master of the Five Fold Path 1
Archmage's Endurance 5
Enhancement of the Blade Turner 0
Enhancement of the Arrow Turner 0
Enhancement of the Mace Turner 0
Caustic Enhancement 0
Fiery Enhancement 1
Frenzy of the Slayer 1
Icy Enhancement 0
Iron Skin of the Invincible 1
Storm's Enhancement 1
Name Uses
Valor 10
Protection 5
Glory 5
Temperance 5
Aetheric Vision 5
Mana Flow 5
Mana Infusion 4
Purity 5
Craftsman 5
Specialization 5
World 10
Name Uses
Damage 3
Damage Resistance 6
Critical 0
Critical Resistance 0
Critical Damage 4
Critical Damage Resistance 1
Healing Boost 0
Vitality 5
Fishing Skill 700
Aetheria Slots 7
Times Enlightened? 0
Housing Purchase Date? 2016-03-16 03:04:19 UTC
Chess Rank 1261
Melee Unarmed
Ranged Bows
Radiant Blood Master (1001)
Allegiance Chain
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