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Characters with title: War Mage

Note: Only the first 100 characters are being shown out of a total of 1141 that have this title.

Name Server
Nameless ACE WIN81LEFT
Testtoon ACE Win10Left
Roogon G ACENoESCape
Roogon X ACENoESCape
Roogon II ACEmulator
Roogona ACEmulator
Thwargle ACEmulator
Dragon Bot Net
Auri Coldeve
Baal is trapped in portaal space Coldeve
Bank III Coldeve
Bella Coldeve
Bilbo Coldeve
Chronic Caster Coldeve
Ck Armor Tinker Coldeve
Cosmic Buffs Coldeve
Cyberkillerisawesome Coldeve
Denise Coldeve
Dlsix Coldeve
Dlthree Coldeve
Dragon Coldeve
Epsilon Coldeve
Erbell Coldeve
Fatal Precision Coldeve
Girl Coldeve
Granite Tree Coldeve
Jake Coldeve
Magic Redneck Coldeve
Magical Redneck I Coldeve
Magical Redneck II Coldeve
Magical Redneck III Coldeve
Magical Redneck IV Coldeve
Magical Redneck V Coldeve
Magical Redneck VI Coldeve
Nom B-D Coldeve
Nom C-G Coldeve
Nom E-C Coldeve
Nom E-E Coldeve
Nom F-B Coldeve
Nom F-D Coldeve
Nom F-J Coldeve
Nom G-B Coldeve
Nomini Coldeve
Nomsin Es'Gorgon Coldeve
Old Number Seven Coldeve
Pms Coldeve
Poppy Coldeve
Pusher A Coldeve
Pusher B Coldeve
Pusher C Coldeve
Pusher D Coldeve
Pusher F Coldeve
Pusher G Coldeve
Pusher H Coldeve
Pusher I Coldeve
Pusher Test A Coldeve
Pusher Test C Coldeve
Pusher Test D Coldeve
Pusher Test I Coldeve
Ranger Ops Coldeve
Rank Ab Coldeve
Rank bb Coldeve
Rank dc Coldeve
Rank dg Coldeve
Rank di Coldeve
Rank ec Coldeve
Rank ef Coldeve
Rb I Coldeve
Rb II Coldeve
Rb III Coldeve
Rb IV Coldeve
Rb V Coldeve
Rb VI Coldeve
Redneckius Coldeve
Rfg Coldeve
Roo Coldeve
Roogon Coldeve
Rtyaa Coldeve
Rtyii Coldeve
Rtyj Coldeve
Rtyl Coldeve
Rtyo Coldeve
Rtypp Coldeve
Rtyq Coldeve
Rtyu Coldeve
Rtyw Coldeve
Schneebly A Coldeve
Schneebly Armor Coldeve
Schneebly Dvod Coldeve
Shadow Mage Coldeve
Shomena Senshi Coldeve
Shougyin Coldeve
Smokin Joe Coldeve
Spiritone Coldeve
Spirittwo Coldeve
Squid II Coldeve
Squid VI Coldeve
Super Q Is Awesome Coldeve
Test B Coldeve